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Playing formula :

4-Ball Best Ball Stableford in teams of 2 players
Maximum handicap per player: 36
2 categories:
Cat1 Accumulated Hdc 0-32 / Cat2 Accumulated Hdc 32+

The clubs :

Day 1 (18/7): Rio Real
Day 2 (19/7): Finca Cortesin
Day 3 (20/7): No Golf: (only evening cocktail)
Day 4 (21/7): Marbella Club

Every day :

Category 1: 1 net and 1 gross
Category 2: 1 net

Presentation of the results of the day
from 7:30 pm at the cocktail party

General price presentation

Prizes will be awarded on July 21st at cocktail

Category 1: 1st and 2nd Brut / 1st and 2nd Net
Category 2: 1st and 2nd Net


Day 0 (17/7): Welcome cocktail, briefing and barbecue party on the beach at 19:30
Day 1 (18/7): Cocktail and presentation of the results of the day at 19:30
Day 2 (19/7): No Cocktail
Day 3 (20/7): Cocktail and presentation of the results from 18/7 to 19:30
Day 4 (21/7): Cocktail, dinner and evening on the beach from 19:30

The locations and addresses will be communicated later to all participants. It is possible to dine on 18 and 20/07 on the spot “à la carte”, in this case it is necessary to inform the organization beforehand to check the availability (payment on the spot).